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Legally, most states have time-based rules for the definition of "classic" for purposes such as [[antique vehicle registration]]; for example, Most states define it as "A motor vehicle, but not a reproduction thereof, manufactured at least 20 years prior to the current year which has been maintained in or restored to a condition which is substantially in conformity with manufacturer specifications and appearance."Despite this, at many American classic [[car show]]s, automobiles typically range from the thirties to sixties. Examples of cars at such shows include the [[Chevrolet Bel-Air]], [[Ford T-Bucket]], [[Dodge Charger]], Chevrolet [[Deuce Coupe]], and [[1949 Ford]]. Meanwhile, the [[Concours D'Elegance]] car shows feature prestigious automobiles such as the [[Cadillac V16]] or pre-1940 [[Rolls-Royce Motors|Rolls-Royce]] models. "Classic" cars at these shows seldom go beyond 1972. Any cars from 1973 onward are defined as "modern customs", "exotics", or "collectibles". For interest, cars such as the [[AMC Gremlin]] or [[Ford Pinto]] may be exhibited.{{Citation needed|date=October 2012}}

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