Classic Car Hunters

Welcome to Classic Car Hunters, we search the internet for Hot Rods, Race Cars, classic cars, custom cars, sports cars, and any unusual car that catches our eye. Looking for a cool old hotrod or a killer lead sled? We might have found one for you. Want a Rat Rod or classy sports car look no further. Need a Classic car or a Vintage race car? We have you covered. We seek out rare and unusual cars all over the internet so you don't have to. Hunters spend hours each day sifting through online listings of old cars, when I find one I think my friends will like, I put it up. Hopefully you will dig them too. We are in the process of creating a page to list  cars that are listed from various websites around the internet, all the listings will have a link (just click the photos) and you will be directed to the site where the  vehicle are for sale.

Classic Car Hunters believes that investing in antique and classic cars is some of the best investing for your future you can make. Following is a few facts you shuold know about the investment. The best part is the pride and enjoyment you get from owning a classic car.

Antique car prices never seem to depreciate. Unlike typical car prices, where as soon as you drive off of the lot you lose 20% to 30% of the value of the car, if you own an antique car it is a real gem. Car prices are based on a number of different factors including mileage, condition, mechanical workings, title history, etc. However, classic antique cars are only subject to a few of these price factors. As an antique car, your pride and joy's worth is not determined by the typical factors that often passes judgment on typical cars.

Antiques are based on the body condition, rarity of the car, and the value to which another collector would be considering if purchasing the vehicle. In general, car depreciation approaches 5% of the original value per year it is on the road. However, once a car reaches a certain age that can actually turn around to be anywhere from 2% to 5% appreciation each year. Obviously the fewer miles that are on the car the more it is worth. Thus, if you have a fully restored Model T with very low mileage it is worth considerably more than a similarly restored Model T with several hundreds of thousands of miles on it.

When gauging the worth, and consequently, the appreciation of an antique car, you must ultimately consider how rare the original car was and compare that to how rare it is now. If the original car was a mass produced, production vehicle then it is unlikely it will appreciate much. However if only 500 or so of the vehicles were made, the car's worth increases exponentially. As you consider the appreciation on your antique car, refer to the aforementioned factors of worth and have a seasoned appraiser assist you in a value determination.