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Classic Car Hunters Celebrating 17 Years of Service to Classic Car Collectors

Welcome to Classic Car Hunters, where our goal is to help preserve the classic cars of the past for the future generations to come. The cars of the last forty years just do not the have same appeal as the Classic's, the Hot Rod's and the Muscle Car's. The car's of the past forty years have one destination (The Crusher).
We at Classic Car Hunters have put together a website to help you with your restoration projects, all on one site. We have scoured the internet to find the top rated sites for your convenience. What ever your needs might be, such as a project, a restored vehicle, parts, transport, insurance, or even financing for your classic car. You will find it here, all in one location. Our objective at Classic Car Hunters is to save you time and money on your projects. Classic Car Hunters also offers you Consignment Promotion and a Personalized Classic Car Buyer Service, when you just can not get to the location of the vehicle you are wanting to buy. If you are looking for a particular vehicle, check our Car Locator Service. Also if you want someone else to do the restoration for you, we have done that work for you to. On our Restoration Link page we have some of best restorers in the country assembled. So no matter what your needs, we are here to help, so contact us.

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     Sellers Wanted

If you have a pre 1980 vehicle that you are looking to sale and get the best price, then you should contact us. We are part of a large network of car buyers, we have at all times at least 25 serious buyer's with cash and ready to purchase a single vehicle or if you have, your entire collection. There is a service charge of $500.00 for this service, which will be passed on to the buyer. When we quote the price to the buyer, it will be included the price. So the buyer will actually be paying the fee. Instructions for this service is located on our ( Car Locator Page ). So please check the page out first. They are particularly interested in these car's (Corvette - Camero - Chevelle - GTO - Barracuda - Sunbeam Tiger - Aston Martin - Falcon - Jaguar) but they are buyer's of all classic cars . The buyers would like to have all original or complete restoration vehicles in really good condition, this will get you the best market price. There are also project buyer's in the network and they are looking for all classic vehicles. So if you are looking to sell then contact us.




These are just some of the Classic's that have sold on the inside. So go to Classic Car's and check them out what's on sale today.

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Found the exact 42 Ford Coupe I was looking for, at the price I needed. Great job !

Richard C.

St. Paul Mn.

These guy's did something I thought couldn't be done, they found my first car. My 1969 Chevelle . It needed restored, but it was my first ride. Perfect job. Thanks.

John C.

Cabot Ar.


If you give this team the time to search, they will find exactly what your looking for, like my 1957 Chevy Bel-Air. These hunters did a fantastic job. My thanks.

Donny R.

Tulsa Ok.


Really wasn't sure I wanted a Rat-Rod, but these guy's showed me a 37 Ford and I feel in love. Couldn't get my hands on it fast enough. I recommend these guy's. My thanks.

Rocky N.

Wheeling Oh.

These guy's are for real. I've been looking for this car for a long time, wanted it completely restored ready to rock. I was getting ready to give up when I got in contact with Classic Car Hunters and in a short time there it was. 1963 Ford Galaxie Convertable, Candy Red and Black interior, with a 390 / 4 speed. I totaly recommend these guy's. My true thanks for this one.

Joe Z.

Dallas Tx.


Man o man got my 1969 Dodge Charger R/T, not the $100,000 car but just what I wanted. The hunters did a great job for me and I know they will do the same for you. So check them out and give them the chance to help you. When you look for a special car the way you want it takes a little time but sure is worth it in the end. My thanks to these guy's.

John Henrey W. Galena Il.

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